"My Artwork" Stamps - Design recommendations

We can make a fully customized rubber stamp
from any design your will provide:

  • Design combining text and image,
  • Any font you want
  • Drawing reproduction,
  • Signature,
  • Logo,
  • Etc…

You can create your custom stamp from anything you like:
Choose your fonts, size, images, ...

To order custom "My Artwork" Stamp
During the order process, you will be asked
to upload your file.

to design your custom stamp artwork:

  • images resolution should be at least of 300 dpi.

  • Try not to use fonts size under 7 pt
    and very light outlines (minimum thickness 1 point),
    for an optimal result.

  • Try to avoid very large inked parts
    and negative elements (''White to black'').

You can provide file formats such as:

  • Microsoft Word
    please provide fonts files if not standards

  • jpeg, bmp, tiff, gif, pdf, psd image files
    Create and image with 300 dpi resolution and/or
    enlarge at 200% (we will adapt your image to fit the stamp)

  • ai (illustrator) and other vector files :
    Don't forget to outline text