1x replacement FABRIC ink pad Printy 6/4911 Clothing Marker
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1x replacement FABRIC ink pad Printy 6/4911 Clothing Marker

Special Clothing ink, wash resistant.

1 pc.

Tax excluded


Replacement ink pad for Trodat 4911 Clothing Marker

With the Trodat clothing marker your clothes are marked in a jiffy. It's especially practical for children's clothing or shirts.
The special textile ink used is absolutely non-toxic. Standards of hygiene are also taken care of: the imprint can be washed up to 90 °C.
Clean, intuitive ink cartridge change

Two grip zones allow the ink cartridge to be exchanged without touching the inked pad—this helps keep the ink on the pad, and off your fingers!

This ink pad is specially designed for Trodat self-inking stamps. If your stamp start delivering lighter imprints, it's probably time to change your ink cartridge.
Using Trodat original products ensure best results, Trodat ink pads are specially design to last for 5000 to 10000 imprints, without drying whatever the environment (temperature, humidity,...) you use it in.
Remember : always use Trodat original products, and never refill an ink pad !

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